Powerful encryption. Proven peace of mind.

Upgrade your security and unify your surveillance with a platform built for maximum protection.

Are your clients' systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Reduce risk with end-to-end encryption and no open ports

Data breaches in the digital world are becoming more and more common, which is why Survail was designed with superior security in mind. Give your clients the peace of mind that comes with protection from hackers with end-to-end encryption and no open ports.

  • Powerful data protection with end-to-end encryption and no open ports
  • Video encrypted at rest, while viewed and while streamed
  • Full, end-to-end encryption in transit

Do your clients want to upgrade their security without the need for new cameras?

Upgrade and unify your surveillance

Survail is camera agnostic which means you can upgrade your whole security ecosystem without ever purchasing new cameras. No more worrying about vendor lock-in, just plug in and you’re done. With our open security ecosystem, you can add our Survail software and use it with any existing IP camera. And best of all? You can use it in Chrome.

  • Easily unify your surveillance
  • Easy setup, two plugs, and you’re done
  • Ability to upgrade your entire security ecosystem without purchasing new cameras
  • Available to use in Chrome

Do you want full control over who can access security footage?

Viewing control based on roles

Offering users role-based access control, you can limit the access of employees to only the footage relevant and necessary for their job roles. Remove the risk of workers seeing sensitive information with some simple updates to each user’s settings.

  • Set viewing access based on each user’s settings
  • Remove the risk of the wrong person accessing or viewing sensitive information
  • Have full control over who can view what and when

Security starts with Survail

Explore our other powerful features driving operational efficiencies

Intelligent VMS

Intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you monitor and share footage for results in real-time.


Give your clients confidence with actionable detections and notifications delivered only when you need them.

Want to see our open security ecosystem in action?

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