One intuitive interface for rapid incident resolution

Intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you monitor and share footage for results in real-time.

Are you tired of the time and effort it takes to simply share clips?

Simple and secure clip sharing

With one dashboard, multiple users can log in to view and share footage without the need to export or jump back and forth between different interfaces. Our Event View makes security simple, allowing you to show your customers everything that matters at all locations without navigating through multiple screens.

  • Collaborating and sharing made easy with one intuitive dashboard
  • Footage from all your locations, all in one place
  • Simple clip sharing without the need to export or email

Do your clients struggle with accessing real-time visibility and insights on their business?

Real-time visibility and insights from anywhere

With our Live View functionality, the Survail dashboard lets your clients stay on top of your security with a real-time view of everything that’s happening at their business. From one simple screen, they can monitor every aspect of the company at any given time providing added productivity and peace of mind.

  • One dashboard and login to see everything happening in real-time
  • Detect and stop incidents before it’s too late
  • Login and view remotely from mobile or desktop

Are your clients sick of being reactive rather than proactive with their security?

Take control of your security

Switch your approach to security from reactive to proactive with Survail’s 24/7 View with Analytics Timeline. With our analytics timeline, your clients can see every event that led up to a security incident in an easy-to-follow format. With real-time and round-the-clock insights, businesses of any size can leverage the data to put a plan together and a virtual security guard in place.

  • Enhance your operational awareness
  • Leverage real-time insights to put a proactive security plan in place
  • Easy to follow format, easy to digest insights

Security starts with Survail

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Give your clients confidence with actionable detections and notifications delivered only when you need them.

Secure Platform

Upgrade your security and unify your surveillance with a platform built for maximum protection.

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