Your Legacy System Can Finally Have the Features You Always Wanted

Partnering with Survail means you’ll join a community that is always growing our offerings in innovative ways. You can improve the health, safety & security for your clients while increasing your MRR with a brand new product in your portfolio.

Survail Platform

Save Time. Save Money. Save Headaches.

With Survail, you can finally see all of your cameras on one platform. Better yet? You can see it from any browser (chrome included!) – triggered by events that you customize ensures every alert is meaningful rather than distracting.

Intelligent VMS

A intelligent video management system goes beyond the basic orchestration offered by legacy solution providers. Powered by AI, Survail drives improved operational efficiencies, video data insights, and flexibility while managing to include all of the features you’ve come to expect from any VMS.

  • 24/7 event view
  • live view
  • seamless sharing

Extensible, Secure Platform

From one location to thousands – interact, investigate, and collaborate with ease. As your business grows, you won’t have to worry about surveillance limitations. And with end-to-end encryption and no open ports, you won’t have to worry about safely sharing video clips or increasing the risk surface area of your customer.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • No open ports
  • Secure by design

Detections Done Right

Take your customers beyond the days of countless false alerts for things they don’t care about. With Survail, your customers will benefit from detections driven by an ever advancing set of AI powered predictive analytics. We deliver actionable, reliable detections and notifications…and nothing else. Now you don’t have to wake up to thousands of unnecessary notifications — instantly see important happenings first.

  • People/vehicle detections
  • Exclusion zones
  • Custom alerts to your phone or inbox
Turn video footage into actionable insights

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