Detect unknown threats in minutes

Turn video footage into actionable insights

Turn video footage into actionable insights

Take Action

Stop wasting time on false positives

Don’t waste your time watching hours of video footage to identify a security issue. With a modern surveillance system, you should be able to identify threats quickly, without wasting time searching for the problem. Get custom alerts when issues arise, like someone wandering into an exclusion zone or catching employee theft on camera. Adding Survail to your security system allows you to spend time on things that actually matter. 

Share with ease

Simplify your life with Survail's easy to use platform

Collaborate with ease and never miss a beat. Survail allows you to share your video without any pain points, so that all of the people who need access can get in on what’s happening immediately – no more waiting around for back-and forth emails to solve security threats.

Isolate a potential threat in seconds

Intelligent VMS helps you focus on what's important

View multiple feeds at once and quickly identify what you need to see with custom exclusion zones. With a 24/7 analytics timeline and event view, you can analyze footage quickly — investigating security incidents in seconds!

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